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Mechanic Resurrection 26 August 2016 Honor and Haven should be the most important fans that her mother Jessica Alba. However, the actress has confessed that he does not like their little 8 and 5 years, from his marriage to Cash Warren, the fight to see his films. Therefore, will not allow them to see their latest production: Mechanic: Resurrection, which opens in September this year.

"I do not even training for fights at home. Mechanic Resurrection I go to the gym for that and I will not let them watch this movie. It's not appropriate," says the interpreter. And it is that apparently the artist of 35 years, crossed the line in preparation for its action scenes and even had an accident with one of the coaches. "He had not buckled low enough in a couple of shots. At that time everything happens very fast. I hit him, but I never bloodied anyone," he admits.

But if there is something that Alba is proud he is that their daughters see it develop as an entrepreneur. The artist has a company called The Honest Company, which produces and sells environmentally friendly products for baby care. "It is very good to know what is The Honest Company, and when sleeping away from home ask, 'Is this for The Honest Company?" They are aware of that Haven thinks I invented the hand sanitizer and I will.. explain:... 'no, no, not me' it's okay to see their mother do different things when we're home I'm your mother, and do not like to put me to dance because they are ashamed But at work I see putting a different role and have seen how the company has grown. At first we had a tiny office and as we have been growing and growing we have been hiring more employees. It's great to teach all that, "he confesses proud.

You were missing Arthur Bishop? Five years after The Original mechanic, British Jason Statham (Fast & Furious 8) goes back into the skin of lethal and ruthless criminal ex Mechanic: Resurrection. He thought he had left his past murderer but coincidences of life, is again with him when abducting the woman who wants, Gina (Jessica Alba).

So that your enemies do not end with her (Jessica Alba), Bishop (Jason Statham) will have to remove three goals in just 36 hours, and also blindly following his specialty in the eyes Mechanic Resurrection of others seem a simple accidents . Explosions, guns, jumps vacuum amazing underwater sequences, Tommy Lee Jones sloping, 'one-liner' after 'one-liner' you waiting!

Dennis Gansel (The Wave, We Are the Night) gets behind the camera Mechanic Resurrection and, for the occasion, also counted on the deal with Michelle Yeoh (Memoirs of a Geisha), Natalie Burn (Mercenaries 3), Yayaying Rhatha Phongam ( only God forgives) and Sam Hazeldine (the raven). In Spain, the premiere is set for September 16. You want to clean Smite Statham?